using textures tutorial (a very bad one)

uhm ok this is gonna be really awkward because i don’t really know how to explain how to use textures, since it depends on how you want the result to be and how your image is, if bright/dark, colorful/vintage, etc. but since ceh asked me and i’m a very good friend (not really :/) here it is, another tutorial! yay :)

ok so first of all open your image in photoshop, choose a psd, smart sharpen, etc.

now add your texture (i prefer to open it on paint, photofiltre, whatever and then copy+paste it on ps) and set it as you like (i usually choose screen or soft light, but checking every single one might be a good choice while you can’t really know what each blending mode does!)

soft light would be like this

i prefered the screen version tho

you’ll have to be careful about something if you’re adding textures to a gif! when you add and set it as screen, ie, sometimes the effect is only “happening” in the first frame like this

so select all the frames, duplicate the texture layer, and delete the first (original) layer of the texture

ok now add your psd. you can either put it above or under the texture. check which one fits better, look…

just please choose wisely because sometimes the texture above the psd is just ew like

as you can see, it really depends on the psd and the texture colors. sometimes turning it into a b/w texture might help, but i prefer to stick to its original colors because it might change the effect on the psd ;)

you’re done! yay. ok this was ridiculously stupid and useless, but did i do good? xD

if you have any doubt, feel free to ask me! :3

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